To the average person, Cookie Dough Cream’s external self was one of petite beauty. Her skin was fair, her face looked like it was stolen from a nymph, her crimson glowing eyes were spheres in her head, and her moist pink lip’s were turned into a smile filled with chaos. She, like Isaac attended the same high school, sporting the black uniform jacket, black skirt, black and red stripped socks, black converse shoes, and a red shirt. However, what Cookie was most known for was her unique hairstyle. On the left side, her hair was in a tight blonde braided ponytail; on her right it was a loose black ponytail.

“Awkishishishishishi, Awshishishishi,” Cookie bellowed, “You dun fucked up today, big and bald!”

“Cookie don’t kill him.” Isaac reported.

“This bitch can’t kill me.” Lewois spoke.

The giant man felt a cut across his face, followed by warm red blood, “Oh I can’t kill you? I don’t even think you know my limits.”

Cookie legs wrapped tighter around the large man’s neck. Isaac watched in horror as the man’s ebony face became a sickening purple, his eyes bulged from his head, spit began to gargle from his mouth, and all the while Cookie laughed like a craze witch, spinning blades in her hand.

Finally, Lewois began to wobble, the eyes in the back of his head began to roll back, and with one choked groan the large man fell onto his stomach. Cookie was silent, the rain dripped down her face as she looked down. She smiled as her hands spun her blades putting them back into her sheaths, that rested on her thigh.

“Cook’s” Isaac whispered, “You alright!”

Cookie lifted her face and gave a smile that slightly caught Isaac in its beauty, “I’m fine Honey Bear.”

“You…you don’t need to be here….” Isaac got to his feet, “How did you know I was even here?”

Cookie kept her baby smile; she knew Isaac couldn’t resist it, “Oh, Isaac how could I ever know when you’re not in trouble? As a couple we have a bond.”

“There’s no bond Cookie!” Isaac said, “We’re not a couple.”

Cookie released her legs form the giant man and walked up to Isaac, splashing her feet in the rain like a child, “We’ll see what your mother says once her daughter-in-law saves her.” Cookie smile became mischievous, “Once I save Mama Lock she’ll be glad to have this half-Russian half-Japanese girl as her daughter.” Cookie looked at Calvin’s Mansion, “Top floor, no problem, right? These evil wizards are too predictable.”

“Cookie this is me and Johnnie’s Adventure.”

“Who’s Johnnie?”

“My Twin brother!”

“That guy with the dreads who’s always following you?”


“He’s your brother?”

Isaac slammed his right palm on his face, “Yes, Cookie.”

“Well he’s taking a nap?” Cookie said, grabbing Isaac’s arm, “Me and you can take down the wizard, let your brother sleep. Plus, I came with some random blond chick who said she wanted to talk to him about breaking up with her or something.”

“You mean Mary?” Isaac said, desperately trying to pull away but fail, “That was like a month ago.”

Cookie shrugged, “Oh, Who cares, C’mon let’s go, take down the rest of these guys. It can be our first date.”


And with Cookie’s massive strength she easily pulled Isaac into Calvin’s Mansion, as he yelled for his brother to awaken.



“Johnnie,” said a sweet voice, “Johnnie wake up my little pup.”

The angelic voice caused the werewolf to awaken in Calvin’s Garden. The first thing the wolf noticed was the dirty blond freckled girl straddling him.

“M…. Mary…Mary Marijuana? Why are you here?”

She grinned, “Not for you fuckboy.” Mary took out her twin pistols that looked like they were ripped from a western film, “I’m here for Calvin and you are going to help me defeat him.”


“Purple Flying Comet of Justice!” Isaac True screamed.

A beam of purple lightning and fire escaped from Isaac right’s hand and clashed upon the incoming combination of Lion and Lewis. To the hulk of man, the explosion of impact was like water hitting a solid surface. The giant man could do nothing but laugh at Isaac’s weak attempt.

Isaac had seen the results of his attack, “Aw man, how am I suppose to defeat this guy? His defense points are probably through the roof.”

Isaac mustered his courage and sent another beam flying towards his opponent. The fused man slapped the beam away and it exploded in front of him.

“You think we could be defeated by fireworks?” said the giant man.

“Oh, shut it lewion, or is it lioewis?” Isaac mocked, tired of being scared, “Eat another beam of Justice!”

Isaac released another attack, however this one proved to be more powerful than the others. Upon release, the force of the beam made Isaac slide several feet back. The beam itself tore through the rainfall and hit Lewion with an explosion. The bulk of the explosion was so big and bright, the residents of the town were able to see it from miles. When all was over Isaac was on his hands and knees. The young boy’s ability ran off his own personal stamina and Isaac was spent. The young man’s body felt ragged, his fingers were wet and cold, his puffs of breath were small clouds, and when he looked up horror filled his veins. Lewion was untouched. The monster of a man let out a smile and water not from the rain filled Isaac eyes.

“It’s over.” The young samurai said to himself, “I tried everything and it’s over.”

Lewion grabbed his blade with both hands and raised it above Isaac, “You know, he said we get to kill you two.”

“Not if I kill you first.” Said a voice, “No one touches my Isaac.”

Isaac heard the voice and terror immediately hit his heart, “It can’t be her. Now! How did she fine me? I left school early.”

“Awkishishishishis.” The voice laughed, “You can never escape true love.”

“Your mayhem! Cookie!” Isaac screamed, “Total mayhem!”

“Awkishsishishishi, how I love your pet names.”

Lewion immediately began to search for the source of the voice, “Another teenager. Show yourself brat.”

“You don’t control me,” responded the voice, “That’s reserve for Isaac True.”

“I don’t want that privilege.” Isaac answered.

“You sent your little girlfriend to help you.” Lewion said, “What a bitch.”

The giant of a man felt something sharp carve into his ear and something strong grapple around his neck, “Don’t you ever call my Isaac a bitch.”

Lewois tried to reach back to grab the girl, but he felt something cut straight into his hands, “Got dammit!”

“My Isaac True, the truest of my loves is hurt,” She said, tightening the hold of Lewois throat with her legs, “Now it’s time for Cookie Dough Cream to play.”


Isaac and Johnnie True mouths gaped open, as they looked upon their new opponent. The fusion form of Lewis and Lion was a seven-foot man, with pulsating muscles decorating his frame; his left massive hand held the oversized cutlass, and his right hand was balled into an ebony fist.

“He…Heeeeee. HE FUSED!” Isaac realized, “Just like in DragonSphereX!”

“Yeah,” Johnnie said, amazed someone had such an ability, “Just like in DragonSphereX.”

“So cool,” Isaac responded, “You think we could fuse!”

“Shut up Isaac,” Johnnie shook his head, “Don’t let this go to your head. We’re in a dangerous fight right now.”

“Oh yeah!” A smile came to Isaac’s face, “We can learn to fuse later.”

“We’re not fusing!”

“You two brats could never perform such a task,” said the combine form of Lion and Lewis, “We were born with this ability.” The monster of a man reared back his sword arm, “Unlike you two.”

The giant man swung his blade down upon the boys. Isaac instantly summoned purple flames and Lightning to cover his body, as he rocketed to the left. Johnnie jumped and rolled to the right, bits of debris from the ground fell onto his back as he landed. The wolf got to his feet to see the silver blade fly towards his neck. Johnnie instantly rolled under the attack to receive a haymaker straight into his ribs. The wolf spiraled into a tree, the side of his head bashing into the trunk. To Johnnie the world spun, and his body ached. However, Johnnie pulled himself to his feet to see the shaky image of the giant man coming towards him.

Johnnie put up his fist, he wanted to throw up, his legs felt a little wobbly, and blood slid down the side of his head, “You steroid hunchback motherfucker. I’m going to beat dat ass!”

Johnnie sprinted forward and jumped over a low sweep attack from his opponent’s blade. With a howl, Johnnie madly pummeled his fist into the center of overly strong opponent. The wolf punches became brown blurs, as Johnnie focused all his strength and will power of unleashing punch after punch into the man’s chest. The final punch Johnnie carved a right uppercut into the monster of a man, hoping to end the battle. The opponent hunched over as spit and blood waterfall from his mouth.

The man became eyelevel with Johnnie True and turned his face into a smile, “You didn’t get me little nigga.”

A head-butt slammed into the werewolf, causing him to blackout. The giant of a man stood erect and looked at the passed out werewolf. With a shrug, he grabbed his cutlass with both hands and raised it above his head. The attack would spill blood on Calvin’s pretty garden but this fight had already turned the garden into ruins anyway.

The monster of a man felt an intense heat burn through his back. He quickly swirled around to see Isaac True. The boy had a his legs spread apart, his left hand holding his right wrist, and purple fire and lightning building into the palm of his right hand.

“Touch Johnnie and feel the flames of…. the flames of….” Isaac’s began to mumble, trying to remember the words, “Oh Stuff muffins I forgot. Touch my brother and feel my Purple Justice!”

“The Fudge!” Isaac True screamed, barely ducking a swing from Lewis’s huge cutlass.

“C’mon aren’t you a True.” Lewis mocked, “I heard you guys were tough shit.”

“Fuck with me!” Johnnie growled, while heaving a right punch for Lion.

Lion responded with a nasty sneer and a colossal right punch of his own. The two fist met, setting off a chain reaction of the ground breaking under their feet, and the water due to the rain to spiral around them.

Isaac performed an upper slash into Lewis’s abdomen. On contact of Lewis’s skin, the sword became coated in purple flames and lightning, burning into the large man’s body. Lewis hollered tumbling backwards. Isaac raised his sword in the air and performed a downward slash, creating an arc of purple fire and lightning. The arc of energy burned its way through Calvin’s garden to Lewis. Lewis stabled his feet and with one massive clap caught the arc. Isaac’s attack exploded upon Lewis, in a dazzling purple eruption.

Johnnie back stepped missing a hook to the head, rolled under a jab to his face, an attacked with a right jab into Lion’s abdomen. The large ebony man chuckled at the feeble attack and connected a haymaker to Johnnie’s ribs. The werewolf hunched over as a mixture of spit and blood escaped from his mouth. Lion grabbed Johnnie’s dreads with his right hand and landed a punch to the wolf’s face with his left. Johnnie spiraled back, crashing into Calvin’s shed.

“Looks like the little wolf couldn’t handle.” Lion said, walking up to the shed.

Johnnie burst from the wreckage of the shed, unleashing a threatening howl. The young man’s eyes were yellow, his fingernails had transformed into blacken claws, his canines were now deadly fangs, and a hole from his pants showed a bushy black and brown wolf tail that was stiff with anger. Johnnie, half man and half wolf sprinted at Lion with unmatched speed, landing a right blow into the abdomen, a left hook into the ribs, and ending his attacking with a right uppercut straight into Lion’s jaw, causing several teeth to crack on impact.

The True Twins were catching the essence of a victory, as they looked at their soon to be defeated opponents.

“You want any more of our awesomeness?” Isaac true sarcastically asked, “Move out the way we got a momma to save.”

Johnnie released a bestial roar.

The Lyondell twins backed up until they were side by side one another and smiled, “We haven’t showed our true power.”

A white light bean to radiate from the brothers, as they reached out and touched one another’s shoulder. The True twins watched in fascination and horror as the shining silhouettes of the twin brother’s bean to merge into one.

Isaac and Johnnie turned to look at one another, “Oh Stuff muffins!”

The skies darkened, and the rain increased, as Johnnie True pulled his motorcycle upon the black gates of Calvin’s Mansion. Isaac had his arms wrapped around his brother, as the vehicle came to a stop.

“I hate riding that thing?” Isaac whined, getting off the motorcycle.

“I don’t get it.” Johnnie said, inspecting the mansion the gate protected, “You can fly.”

“Two totally different things.” Isaac said, checking that his bokken was strapped to his back.

“Yeah,” Johnnie cracked his knuckles, “let’s bust in and cause some trouble.”

Isaac raised his right hand toward the gate, and a beam of purple fire and lightning escaped from his palm, obliterating the obstacle in their way.

Johnnie smiled, “Time to go save mom.”


Within the expensive mansion, Calvin the Dark Wizard settled on the top floor. The man sat in his soft throne, sipping on Hennessey, with a cigar in his golden toothed mouth, and a cheesy furry purple robe. Hunched around the man were several of his most trusted bodyguards, all eyeing the sixty inch smart T.V. The screen showed two teenage boys breaking unto the residence. Bridget’s boys. Johnnie’s boys. Isaac was the one with cornrows and a black school uniform jacket. Johnnie was the one in dreadlocks and a hooded black leather coat.  Calvin eyes left the screen to stare at the brown liquid of Hennessey. How it soothed him. How it comforted him.

The Dark Wizard took another swig and turned to the Lyondell Twins with a smack of his lips, “Go get them.”

The two twins 6’7 in height, with the muscles of a weightlifter nodded and quickly jogged to the bottom floor. Calvin took another swig of Hennessey, It would be grand to Kill Bridget’s foolish sons. She would have nothing after the death of Johnnie Senior. All she would have is him.


“That was easier than I thought.” Johnnie stared at the devastated violet smoking gate “Isaac, I think you’ve gotten stronger from freshmen year.”

Isaac gave a huge smile, “Well, since dad told us all that stuff I have been practicing.”

Johnnie rolled his eyes at the mention of their father, “That guy.”

“C’mon Johnnie, your named after him Dad not all that-“

The front doors to Calvin Mansion slammed open, gaining Johnnie and Isaac’s attention. The teenage twins watched in curiosity as two hulking silhouettes began to form.

“Does Calvin own monsters?” Isaac asked.

Johnnie shrugged, “How am I supposed to know?”

The two silhouettes entered the fair rain, revealing their human selves. One of the two had a large cutlass in his right hand, with a mean grin. The other had a face of calmness.

Johnnie cocked a smile, “Looks like these two fools are our first opponents.”

Isaac mouth gaped open, “What do you mean?! These guys are freaking huge, like four times our size.”

Johnnie waved his twin off, “We got this, take out your stupid blade and let’s bash through these guys.”

Isaac sighed, grabbing the wooden sword from its sheath, “Stuff muffins.”

Johnnie and Isaac looked up at their opponents, who in turn looked down at them.

“We know who you are.” Said the twin with the cutlass, “Go home now and Calvin will send an invitation to the wedding.”

“There’s a wedding!” Isaac screamed.

“No.” Johnnie answered, “Cause after you two were heading straight for Calvin!”

The weaponless twin cracked his knuckles, “You won’t pass the Lyondell Twins.

Isaac pointed his bokken at the bladed twin, “You must have never heard of the True Twins, No one is marrying our mom but my old daddy.”

“Then let’s settle this shall we boys.” Said the blade wielding twin, lifting his blade above his head, “The name’s Lewis.”

The weaponless twin chuckled, “And I’m Lion.”

The two behemoth twins chuckled and exchanged glances, “And we’re going to beat your asses!”

“I can’t believe I failed three classes.” Sixteen year old, Johnnie True whined, “Forget about my date this weekend.”

“I told you to study.” Isaac True said, walking to the door, “You should have listened.”

Johnnie scratched his locks in irritation, “I did. I just didn’t act.”

“I can go on the date if you want.” Isaac said, producing a huge smile.

“Johnnie chuckled, “Bro, you can’t handle the women I date. Hell, you can’t even handle your own girlfriend.”

Isaac rolled his eyes and sighed, “Cookie isn’t my girlfriend.” He crossed his arms, “She’s my stalker.”

“No difference.” Johnnie said, walking up to the door, “You’re stuck with her just deal with it. At least she’s cute.”

Isaac shook his head, “You don’t understand, she’s a grade A mess.”

Johnnie shrugged, “Some guys masturbate about being in your position.”

“Yeah.” Isaac said, opening the door.

When the boys got a view of the inside of their small house their mouths open wide. The house was a mess; Floor boards were torn form the pathway, scratches were scattered on the wall, furniture was now shreds of cotton and wood, and in the midst of this new development was the twin’s grandmother,  laying on the floor expelling slight moans. The boys quickly rushed to the elderly lady.

“Grandma!” Isaac yelled in tears, “What happen? Are you alright?”

The young men’s grandmother turned toward them, her black eyes filled with sadness and anger, “The heathen…his man took her.”

“Who!” Johnnie urged, looking around “Where’s mom!”

“He came.” Their grandmother’s voice was weak but slowly getting stronger, “They came and ambushed us. We fought. Bridget almost won but…Calvin came.”

The name sent a chill down the boy’s spine. They knew the name Calvin very well. One of their mom’s suitors from the past. A man trained in dark wizardry who couldn’t take no for an answer.

“Calvin!” Johnnie growled, “What a good time for dad to be on one of his trips.”

Isaac had ceased his crying, his right hand grasping the handle of his Bokken (Wooden katana), “Johnnie you wait here and I’ll take care of Calvin.”

“Oh no you don’t Isaac True.” Johnnie said with eyes of yellow, “You’re not going to go all anime hero on me. We are doing this together! She’s both our mom!”

“Who’s going to watch Grandma?”

“Ay! Ya being too loud my kids sleep!”

The twins spun round to see their Cousin Kevin. He was an ebony man in his early thirties, highly muscular, someone they trusted, and like them was an Unnatural. Kevin was gifted with superior strength.

“What the erased happen in here! What’s wrong with my auntie?” Kevin said.

“Calvin.” Johnnie growled.

“Not that nigga again.” Kevin said, “I guess your mom is always getting into shit, and you two are going to save her? Am I right?”

Johnnie and Isaac nodded to Kevin and exchanged glances.

“We’ll get her form Calvin.” Isaac proclaimed.

“Dad use to tell me stories about him.” Johnnie stated, “I ain’t afraid of his dark magic. Isaac and I can fuck with it.”

“Don’t underestimate him.” Kevin said, “Jokers like him, they survive on that kind of thinking.”

“Dad trained us to be better than some dark wizard.” Isaac said, “Calvin is going to fear us more than he fears Dad.”

“Isaac let’s go to the back and get my motorcycle.”

The cornrowed twin nodded to his locked brother, and the two went in the garage to get their mode of transportation. Kevin let out a sigh, those boys were filled with way too much energy. The large man looked at the torn up house and his aunty. It was time to fix up as much as he could.



Bridget Lock calmly strapped on her red gauntlets. The weapons were made out of crimson steel. The woman had received them from a mysterious man in her teenage youth and had never fought a day without them. However, her life of fighting was long behind her when she became gifted with twin boys. The young woman of thirty and eight sighed as she glanced up at her opponent. Bridget Lock through her life had an interesting rogue gallery of suitors, but none was more constant than Calvin. Today,Calvin the Fool, had sent one of his many lackeys to retrieve Bridget, as if she was some trophy.

Bridget, using a scrunchie wrapped her dreads into a tight ponytail, “You know Calvin is truly something else. He’s not even enough of a man to come get what he wants.” Bridget smirked, “Sending his lackeys to do his job. Johnnie would never had done something like that.”

Calvin’s lackey cleared his throat, “My Employer is busy with the wedding preparations.”

Bridget scrunched her face, “What you mean? I ain’t marrying that fool!”

“Calvin hopes you see different soon.”

Bridget planted her feet into the ground and raised her fist, “When I beat you down tell Calvin he’s lost his damn mind.”

The large six foot seven man cracked his knuckles and rotated his neck, “I’m not the one to lay hands on a female, but for an employer I’ll do what I must.”

Bridget put on a cocky smile, “Stop all your talking and bring it!”

The sky was a thick gray, as a light drizzle decorated the land. Calvin’s Mercenary went by the name Demarquis, and he breathed in the misty air, filling his lungs and slowly exhaled. This was his ritual before battle. The man looked down at Bridget lock, She looked no younger than twenty, her caramel face turned into a determined smile, she wore acid stain jeans and blue and white sneakers, with a brown hooded leather jacket, and her red gauntlets fastened with leather straps on her arms. This was the Mighty Bridget Lock who had defeated so many people in her younger days. Now, she was a mother who turned in her fighting abilities to raise children. Demarquis hated to see good fighting potential to go to waste.

The behemoth of a man took one last breather and began to charge towards the woman. Bridget, not fearing the man stood her ground. Demarquis began the battle with a right punch, Bridget quirked her head, barely missing the flesh on flesh contact. The young woman rose up with an uppercut into Demarquis chest, followed by a jab carved into his abdomen. Demarquis smiled at the weak attack and slammed his right knee straight into Bridget’s stomach. The young mother staggered back, parrying a punch. Demarquis’s powerful left swing went for Bridget’s head, who blocked with her left gauntlet. The attack caused her to lose balance, which Demarquis exploited with an elbow to the face. Bridget swirled, but caught her balance, dodged another straight punch, and performed a right roundhouse kick straight into her opponent’s ribs.

Demarquis caught the kick with a smile, “You truly think you can win this fight?”

With one vicious turn, Bridget was tossed into the air and hit the ground face first with a smack. The mother instantly got back to her feet and quickly spun out of the way, avoiding another horrible tackle.

“I don’t have time for this. My boys are coming home from school!” Bridget yelled, “I’m going all out!”

Black smoke began to emit from Bridget’s gauntlets, “The stronger my fire, the stronger I am.”

Demarquis shook his head, “I know what you can do. Your abilities are second rate. You can’t withstand the might of a Weregorilla.”

Bridget gladly accepted the challenge, “Let’s see how much fire you can handle boy.”

Demarquis spread out his arms and smiled, “C’mon give me your best shot.”

Bridget knew this was obviously a trap. Demarquis was testing her. He wanted to see how she would react. Bridget knew it was time to show her true skill.

The young mother took off at a fiery sprint. She didn’t know what she would do once she made contact, but she knew she had to put Demarquis down. Calvin’s lackeys were always tough adversaries.  Demarquis, just like he promised had his ebony hands out, and a smile of confidence on his face. It pissed Bridget off.

“First Flame!” Bridget’s right gauntlet became devoured in red flames, as she carved a punch into Demarquis abdomen.

The large black man slid several feet back from Bridget’s explosive punch.

“First Flame!” Bridget’s left punch carved into his chest.

“First Flame!” Bridget’s right gauntlet preformed a shattering uppercut into the man’s stomach.

Demarquis hunched over.

“First Flame!” A fiery uppercut shoved into the man’s jaw, causing him to fall on his back, shaking the ground under Bridget’s feet.

Bridget fell onto the soft grass, “I told you not to mess with me. Tell Calvin to shove it up his ass.”

Bridget took several deep breaths. The young woman’s ability was strong but it took lots of energy from her. Bridget sat up, feeling the fate of victory. The young woman slowly got to her feet and looked up to see her opponent unharmed.

“But….” The words trembled from, Bridget’s lips, “How…I…How…?”

Demarquis chuckled, “You’re out of shape Bridge. Where’s the second and third flame Calvin boosted about?”

Bridget knew what happened. Years of not practicing had washed down her abilities. The second and third flames were gone.

“Now let me teach you the power of a gorilla!” Demarquis said.

Before the mother could react, she felt a knee bash into her stomach. Vomit flew from Bridget’s mouth as she tumbled back. A second punch met her abdomen and she fell onto her knees from the pain. Demarquis reared back his right fist for a punch straight to the face. Bridget stunned by pain could do nothing as the Gorilla man gathered power. The young woman however wouldn’t close her eyes. She would meet the attack head on.

“Unhand my daughter or meet the fiery justice of the Great writer!”

Demarquis out of curiosity turned his head, focusing on an elderly black lady. The woman had curly round hair, wore a black suit jacket, with slacks, black church shoes, and a black purse dangling from her arm.

“You lay one more hand on my daughter and I’ll beat the error right out of your soul!” The elderly woman warned.

Demarquis glanced at Bridget lock, she was down for the count. The great warrior was holding her stomach in pain, curled up a the ball. Now all he had to do was finish off her mother, before the teenage twins came home.

“Elizabeth Free.” Demarquis said, “I heard your even tougher than your daughter.”

Elizabeth laid her purse on the ground and began to rummage through it, “Oh you’ll find how tough I am.” The mature woman sighed, “I really wanted to use this for cooking first, but since I got to deal with sinners like you I guess I’ll use them now.” The Mother of Bridget took two steel pans out form her purse and held one in each hand, “Now it’s time to show you the might of our Holy Writer.”

Elizabeth started her purge of Demarquis with a quick sprint. Demarquis felt the bottom of a steel pot clash into his face. The giant of a man held his new broken nose as Elizabeth landed another swing into his chest. Demarquis doubled over, and Elizabeth clashed the right pot straight into his face. Unfortunately, Demarquis caught the handle of the pot as it made contact. The man let out a harsh roar and with one swing through Elizabeth into her apartment door. The woman crashed straight through the door and landed defeated in the kitchen. Demarquis gave several grunts as his gorilla side began to take over. The man quickly scooped up Bridget with his right hand.

“My boys…will come save me.” Bridget weakly said, “they have too much of their daddy in them.”


When Isaac True gained consciousness, he found himself on the soft lap of Cookie Dough Cream. The Girl’s nymph face was red, with tears streaming down her face, her soft hands traced Isaac’s brown face, and the only words she could muster was, “I’m so glad you’re alive.”

Isaac grabbed her hand and smiled, “Thanks for worrying.”


Johnnie awoke to the pain of his healing abilities. The werewolf woke up grunting and curling up in a ball, as his body tried to restore itself. Johnnie had healed multiple times in his life, knowing the more he got hurt the greater the pain would naturally be. However, this pain was almost unbearable. He could hear his bones snap and realign, his body ached, and his muscles bulged and contrasted. The wolf felt a light touch on his arm and the pain began to soothe.

“Calm down.” Said the voice of Ari Brown, “I’ll take some of the pain off you, just settle down.”


“Did you beat that nigga ass?” Said Rowe, grabbing the Phantom’s hand to stand up.

The Phantom shrugged his shoulders, “ That Skeleton Knight wasn’t even a real fight.” The Phantom glanced at Johnnie and Ari, “Probably would have had a better time fighting the wolf.”

Rowe smirked, “Probably.”


Juliet Valentine had woken up, seeing everybody reunited. The sword-wielding girl tried to get to her feet but her body gave off too much pain. So Juliet bit her tongue and settled back down on the ground. She didn’t have to wait long for her companions to come up and check on her, she knew their loyalties.

“Julie!” Shadow said with open arms and an worried voice, “Your alright! Come here and give me a big ol’ hug.”

Juliet sneered, “Shadow if you hug me so help-“

Shadow had already wrapped his arms around Juliet, “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!”

“It’s been a day at most!” Juliet hacked, “Shadow get your warlock ass off of me, before you choke me to death.”

“Awww look at you two,” Said Ari Brown, walking up to the touching scene, “like brother and sister.”

“A brother I wish I could kill.” Juliet said, trying to pull Shadow off, “A brother who needs to take a fucking shower.”

Ari brown sniffed her armpits, “I think we all need a shower.”


Isaiah looked at his fembot Calamity. She was cut in two down the waist, sparks shot up every now and then from her advanced circuitry

“Maybe if you weren’t such a dick you still have your toy?”

Isaiah looked up to see Brittany Stryke, “She wasn’t a toy you unintelligent swine.”

Brittany’s right fist jammed into Isaiah’s mouth, “Why are you such an ass?”

Isaiah felt no true pain from Brittany’s attack and that caused him to smile, as blood dripped form the corner of his mouth, “Cause you soft flesh women have no scene in the life of battle. Go home, get fucked, and pop out babies.” a few chuckles left out form the vile space mercenary, “I can easily fix my toy.”


Joanna noticed the cave had ended in a dead end. As everyone caught up and made small talk Joanna walked to the cavern wall, that lay in front of the group. The wall had strange signs carved into it, and Joanna knew she could never decipher them. Maybe Brittany could? She thought. As Joanna turned away from the wall the cave began to shake. Everyone’s attention was stolen to the shaking of the wall as the ground began to shake under their feet. The mysterious wall began to separate vertically, forming a large door. Bright white light began to pour in the cave, followed by a cold and misty fog. When the door finally opened the group was presented with a lush forest of large redwood trees, beautiful green mountains, large birds swayed through the sky, and in the middle of the forest was a large square made from branches sitting in between two trees.

The fighters felt a sign of relaxation as they saw the grounds of the tournament. It was still a long journey but in a day they should reach the grounds to their long awaited destination.

“The Supernatural Tournament!” Isaac screamed, “Here we come!”

“Shut up Nigga!” Rowe exclaimed.





End Of PART ONE…………..

The clouds were gray, lightning sprinkled throughout the land, the wind sounded like whips on skin, and the majority of the people who had to venture outside wished they were cozy in their house. However, one resident of The City on the Bridge was happy to be outside in the viciousness of the storm. He was an eighteen-year-old boy, who went by the name Shiro Mitsurugi.

Shiro was a unique boy, who was carrying a job that had lasted centuries in his family. He wore the appropriate attire for his job, a gray police uniform from the Japanese Meji area and a katana sheathed on his right hip. The young man pulled out a Z phone, which projected a 3D landscape of the city. On the landscape was a beeping dot. Shiro smiled. The target was found. Shiro looked down from the roof he occupied, bent his legs, and jumped. The young man soared twenty feet, rolling onto the next roof. Shiro got on to his feet with a sprint, the rain slapped his face, strands of his black hair peeped from his hat, and Shiro jumped again. The young man landed onto the next roof with a short slide. Shiro was at his destination.

Shiro grabbed the handle of his katana. The young man slowly surveyed the area, checking anywhere for a sneak attack. Shiro was soon granted with a disturbing human hiss. Shiro spun around, unleashing his weapon, and parried a black lizard claw. The young man rolled to the right to dodge another claw and came up with a deadly slash, severing the right arm of his target. The monster staggered back and Shiro got a good look at his opponent. It was a large lizard that mocked the body of a human. The creature’s eyes were wild and desperate. Shiro could tell the monster was looking for an escape and dashed forward. The monster spun, attacking with its tail. Shiro performed a swift slash, severing the tail form it’s master. The monster tried to attack with it’s other claw, but Shiro thrust forward sticking his katana straight through the heart of the monster.

The reptilian smiled, “We did good testing you.”

Shiro’s black eyes hardened, “Testing?”

“Yes, we didn’t know if we could consider you as a component.” The lizard man hacked blood, “But we can now, hell you might be a better candidate than the Darkfire.”

Shiro pushed his Katana deeper into the Lizard man’s heart, “Don’t lump me with that bounty hunter scum.”

The reptilian giggled blood, “Aren’t you the same thing, Alien Hunter.”

Shiro put up his right leg and kicked the reptilian off his sword and unto the ground, “You beings are a virus trying to infest our planet.” Shiro began to walk up to the creature, “The abilities handed down to me skipped a generation because of my weak father, but Shiro has returned within me.” Shiro let his katana hover above the dying creature’s neck, “Tell your fucking aliens to come to Earth, I Shiro Mitsurugi will stop them!”

With a quick slash of his sword to the creature’s neck the reptilian was dead.

The slums within The City on the Bridge took the worst of the storm. The grounds of the slum were soft and mushy, the land was filled with the smell of feces, people huddled under cardboards boxes, newspapers, and broke down houses to hide from the rage of the weather. However, within the depths of the storm one female vampire walked among the craziness. She was 5’3 with black hair with white highlights, her skin was deathly pale, she wore a combination of Kevlar armor, cargo pants, and boots all dressed in black. Lastly, she spun a kunai in each hand, as she whistled a tune amongst the storm.

A strand of lightning broke the sky, catching Star’s attention. The vampire caught a glimpse of something in her vision and turned toward an alleyway. Star immediately heard the sound of hissing. Soon, the area Star inhabited became fully dark, if she was a normal girl she be in trouble, but Star was a vampire, darkness meant nothing to her. Star heard a splash and spun with a left roundhouse kick, the attacked banged into the ribs of her opponent, cratering it into the wall.

Star smiled when she saw the ghastly visage of her opponent, “So, It’s true, the reptilians have really invaded.”

The seven-foot reptilian looked down at Star, “We have come to gather components for the upcoming event.”

Star’s left boot slammed into the creature’s jaw, “What event?”

The reptilian chuckled, “You idiot humans wouldn’t know anything about it, even though you’ve been a part of this event since the dawn of man.”

Star didn’t like all the riddle hocus pocus and stabbed one of her Kunai into the right hand of the creature, pinning it to the cement, “Why is your kind here? What do you guys want? Do you think us humans are going to just bow down?”

The reptilian answered with a whip of his tail to Star’s head. The impact felt like a cannonball smashing her temple. Star tumbled through the muddy ground, crashing into the sewage of the garbage. The reptilian tore the kunai from its hand and rapidly crawled towards the defeated vampire. Star rose from her rubbish grave, with eyes of glowing crimson. Like her opponent, she dashed towards the reptilian, spinning one kunai in her left hand. The two clashed in a furry of claws and steel. Star ducked a blackened claw and performed a vertical slash across the beast’s stomach. The monster stumbled back from the pain, and Star added a front kick to its chest. The reptilian hit the ground with a splash, as it scrambled on the ground from pain. Star walked toward the creature, picking up her second Kunai. The Vampire couldn’t help but to enjoy the scene of the alien creature in so much pain and confusion. It must have been the vampire half that gave the girl so much glee. The scaly creature got back on its hind legs and lunged at the she-vampire. Star twirled her body and stretched out her arms. The She-Vampire’s deadly Kunai tore through scaly flesh, letting the alien’s sticky green liquid fall onto her body. The reptilian fell dead a foot away from the girl. Star halted her spin, creating a quick whirlwind of the reptilian liquid around her. She sheathed her Kunai and quickly pulled out her Zphone, dialing numbers rapidly.

When the dial tone picked up she said, “Hello, Agent Zen. I have eliminated the target.”

“Have you Star?” The agent responded, “The Reptilians are truly among us. Was the battle hard?”

Star felt a chill go up her spine when she talked to her leader, she wondered if he was aware of her role as a double agent for Kaleb Lawless, “No harder than the average fight with the supernatural.”

The agent made a soft sound over the phone, “You did good. Report the battle to the headquarters.”

Star hung up the phone and gave one glace at the reptilian’s dead body. She wondered if she was ever found out to be a vampire when it would be her turn.